Links to Databases
CORE-Hom                                                                                                                                Currently 1015 clinical trails on Homeopathy, said to be the most comprehensive and academically rigorous database of its kind in the world today, also assesses quality of the research
VetCR database 
The first database of clinical research in veterinary homeopathy; includes randomised clinical trials, non-randomised clinical trials, observational studies, drug provings, case reports and case series. 
Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy - Veterinary and Aquaculture
Homeopathy Research Institute
A searchable database in collaboration with the British Homeopathic Association. 

The Complementary and Alternative Medicine Library and Information Service holds the largest collection of complementary health books and journals of any UK non-copyright library. The library, housed at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine in central London, is open to all for reference and to members as a borrowing library.
CAM-quest database
CAM-quest provides access to clinical research studies in nine therapy categories - acupuncture, anthroposophy, ayurveda, bioenergetics, homeopathy, manual mediicine, mind-body medicine, phytomedicine and TCM. Searches can be made by disease, therapy and study design.
HomBRex database
The Homeopathy Basic Research Experiments database indexes studies on biological systems including animal, human, plant, fungi and microbial organisms.
Articles collating data
Homeopathy: the scientific proofs of efficacy - an interesting document listing many trials with positive outcomes. Produced by the Associazone Medica Italiana di Omotossoicologia and Guna srl. [pdf]